Wad Out for good, :(

24 09 2009

My good friend and creator of this site, Waddlewad1, has officially quited CP 😦 Well, so did I but all the fans out there for Wad should know he might come back every now and then. Here is, hopefully not, his last video.

Long Live NACHOS!



Woohoo! A resurrection!

11 06 2009

So I got a comment from Waddle from my and he said he is coming back!!! 😀 This site isn’t dead it still gets a lot of hits (More then mine :|) So to start this new beginning I believe I forgot to introduce myself… Yeah can’t believe I forgot 😀

So I am a good friend of Waddle and we met through a dojo snow ball war fight thing. I actually think that the adding the Card Jutsu was a bad thing oh how I miss those wars… Anyways so we kept in touch and I found this site CP411 and I commented and Waddle allowed me to joined!… I am confused as you are. I am the person who has a short-temper and is very absent-minded (Two word adjectives :D)

So here is the CP news:

The adventure party is tommorow see here is a picture of the starting screen:
Adventure...And here is Billybobs post:

Adventure Party Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins!

Nothing says AWESOME like being able to announce the brand new Adventure Party that’ll go from June 12 – 16!! Are you and your friends ready to be explorers?

Picture 3.jpgNext Friday you’ll be able to discover Club Penguin like you never have before. There will be things to find on a scavenger hunt, a member-only tree house, underground ruins to explore, and secrets in the Forest…. The possibilities for creativity and imagination are endless!

Don’t forget to look in the Gift Shop at the new Penguin Style catalog for things that might help you explore. Get ready to discover what we hope is an awesome new Club Penguin adventure!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on June 04 2009 11:42

Sounds intresting huh? Well we just have to see tommorow 😀

Sorry for not posting… again

11 06 2009

Again sorry for not posting I need more help I hope Waddle starts posting again

Medieval Party YAY! *sigh…*

12 05 2009

Well the Medieval party is here which by the way kinda killed me to post about it and because of that I will make this short my hat is back 😦 at the Lighthouse and members only place at the underground pool. Now go away…

New pin!

3 05 2009

The new pin is at the front of the Dojo!

P.S. No pic. for you

P.P.S. We got paid!

Waddle Random!

3 05 2009

Well I am bored so I will just put Waddle’s Video called Waddle Random!

Very random indeed

Hey waddle can you please post…

26 04 2009

Hey waddle (says in a sad voice) no offense but can you start posting again I mean I stopped posting for a while too but this site still has a lot of views so I didn’t want to let the viewers down (well technically YOUR viewers since well I am unknown ❓ ) and well this site still got lots of views I mean even when all three of us stopped posting for 3 months or so.

Please don’t take this wrong I mean you must be really busy and such like me but when you have your free time can you at least check it out sometimes and sorry if I offended you.

-awe out…

P.S. I do not have the power the approve comments only waddle can